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Hitpoint HCM

Since 2005 Hitpoint has been providing software solutions, consultancy and implementation services for more than 500 global enterprises. At the beginning our company focused on helping enterprises of different size meet Chinese government finance and tax requirements through complete and practical solutions. Then, pushed by our employees` passion for IT and Cloud computing, we started to help our clients with specifically tailored on-premise, hybrid and cloud solutions. We decided to develop a wider offer that could better serve their needs, with a range of solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning and Travel & Expenses. 

Through these years we have focused our attention on developing the right talent to accelerate the realization of enterprises strategic objectives. We are now convinced that a scientific approach to Human Capital Management has become necessary to transform companies and their employees, enabling them to meet the challenges of today`s marketplace. 

Therefore, since August 2014 we have been working in partnership with the Global Leaders in enterprise management solutions SAP and NetDimensions, providing SaaS/cloud and on-premise solutions for human resources management. We have established a team of professional advisors with 10 years experience in 60 industries completely dedicated to provide software and advisory services for human resources and talent Management: Hitpoint HCM.


Hitpoint Group

Apart from Hitpoint HCM, Hitpoint Solution Co. Ltd. also includes other three business divisions: Hitpoint PLUS, Hitpoint NetSuite and Hitpoint Feekong.


Hitpoint PLUS focuses on finance localization and tax management. Its mission is to increase the efficiency of finance and tax management for enterprises in China. Hitpoint PLUS provides complete solutions aimed at solving the gaps of accounting standards between China and other countries, insuring compliance to Chinese accounting practices.


Hitpoint NetSuite provides solutions that integrate NetSuite ERP, NetSuite CRM, SuiteCommerce, and Netsuite OpenAir. Hitpoint professional team has a broad experience in implementation, localization, redevelopment and training services in relation to NetSuite products.


Hitpoint Feekong provides SaaS, cloud business travel and expense management solutions to enterprises in China. Feekong helps enterprises to effectively manage business travels and routine reimbursement, successfully improving employees’ satisfaction while helping enterprises to recover their funds and realize effective control over travel and expense management. 

Hitpoint HCM company profile ,Hitpoint HCM,最懂HR的企业应用软件咨询服务商-上海汉越信息技术有限公司

Hitpoint HCM - The HR Solution Advisor Always at Your Side-Hitpoint HCM

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